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NEW: the Webgame Pandocréon Cromlech in WAP version at http://pdcr.net !

Carta-Genius online
To use the Web version of Carta-Genius, you need to prepare a ZIP file that contains:
  • a carta.xml file with cards description
  • all images used in the XML file (.gif, .jpg or .png)
  • Adobe Type 1 font files used in the XML file (one .afm file and one .pfa file for each font)
All files must be placed directly in the ZIP file (not under sub-directories). No other file types are allowed.

Once you have created your archive, send it using the form below and then you will get the generated PDF file.


The user guide provide a full documentation, describing step by step all program's functionnalities (only in french for the moment).


If you already know the software, you can use the quick-guide.


Free Software License
As other Pandocréon's softwares, Carta Genius is placed under the terms of a free software license.

More information...
The GNU General Public License
TTF2PT1 online
If your fonts are in TrueType format and not in Postscript Type 1 format, you need to convert them, for example by using the TTF2PT1 software. We offer you an interface; send your .ttf file through the form and you will get a ZIP file containing a .pfa file and a .afm file.

pdf_to_bitmap online
To convert a PDF file to bitmap images (one image per page), use this interface. For example, if you want an image for each card, use Carta Genius to create a PDF file with a margin set to 0 (zero), and set the paper size equal to cards size.
Using this interface, you will get a ZIP file containing a bitmap image for each card.
Resolution: dot per inch
Image type:
Texts anti-aliasing:
Graphics Anti-aliasing: