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Introduction Menhir Rolis Hepta Mensa Divinæ

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Pandocréon Menhir
Menhir is a little funny game. Players are tribes of imp, trying each year to grow menhirs from seeds.
  • 2 to 6 players
  • 10 to 15 minutes by games
  • 8 years old and above

Winner of the Creators Award at Parthenay's boardgames festival 2005.

Bulletin Board
Come to the bulletin board dedicated to Menhir.

Menhir BBS

Cromlech is the web version of Pandocréon Menhir game.
Menhir seeds, the Giant of the montain, light-fingered elves, magical fertilizer... Lead your imp tribe to the victory.

>> Cromlech

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Download the following files to build your own game:

File Version Weight Language
Game rules 1.0.2 400 KO fr
Game cards 1.0.3 2.3 MO fr

You can also get the source files:

File Format Version Weight License
Full game sources Carta-Genius + zip 1.0.3 2.7 MO Free Art License
Illustrations © Solène Tessier

The freely downloadable version contains black and white pictures; you could play the game with it, and use its rules, which are open sourced. By respect to the illustrator work, the full color version is only available in our shop.