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Introduction Menhir Rolis Hepta Mensa Divinæ

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Pandocréon Hepta Mensa
Hepta Mensa is an abstract thinking game for 2 players, with some little chance. It is based on Jean-Marc Tribet's 7 de table game material, and is a part of the 13 à table project.

  • 2 players
  • 5-10 minutes
  • 8 years old and above

Bulletin Board
Come to the bulletin board dedicated to Menhir.

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You can buy the game 7 de table, with the Hepta Mensa rule, in the shop.

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Game's rules in PDF:

File Version Weight Language Notes
Game rules 1.2.1-jsp 132 KO fr Version published by the magazine des Jeux sur un Plateau
Game rules 1.0.0 123 KO fr First game's version

You can also get the source files:

File Format Version Weight License
Game rules OpenOffice 1.2.1-jsp 9 KO Free Art License
Pandocréon Symbol font TrueType 0.4.0 20 KO Free Art License
Game rules OpenOffice 1.0.0 10 KO Free Art License