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Introduction Menhir Rolis Hepta Mensa Divinæ

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Pandocréon Divinæ
Divinæ is a card game that uses a dice. You are Gods, fighting to get more power, searching for believer's prayers.
  • 2 to 6 players
  • 20 to 60 minutes
  • 8 years old and above

Bulletin Board
Come to the bulletin board dedicated to Divinæ.

Divinæ BBS

Download the following files to build your own game:

File Version Weight Language Notes
Build manual 1.0.0 40 KO fr
Game rules 1.0.0 520 KO fr
Cards 1.2.2 2,5 MO fr A4 format
Cards 1.2.2 2,5 MO fr Printer format (42x35 cm)
Cosmogony dice 1.2.4 30 KO fr Stickers to put on a 6 faces dice
Game box 1.2.0 1,6 MO fr To make a box for the game
Jacket 1.0.0 490 KO fr Jacket for video tape box. Replace the game box.

You can also get the source files:

File Format Version License
Cards, box and dice Carta-Genius 1.2.4 3,5 MO Free Art License
Game rules Corel Draw + zip 1.0.0 144 KO Free Art License
Jacket Corel Draw + zip 1.0.0 70 KO Free Art License
Build manual Corel Draw + zip 1.0.0 7 KO Free Art License