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NEW: the Webgame Pandocréon Cromlech in WAP version at http://pdcr.net !

Welcome on the Pandocréon website
We offer to you :
  • boardgames and cardgames that you can download and build yourself
  • games playable on the Web
  • a bulletin board service
  • a store to buy the games

Open License
All Pandocréon's games and softwares are provided under the terms of open licenses. You can use, modify, distribute and sold them as you want.
Your participation is welcome.

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Last News
The game Cybercreon is here!
Carta-Genius version 5.2.0 is here
The new edition of Menhir is ready!
Carta-Genius version 5.0.0 is here
Rolis game project started
Carta-Genius version 4.0.0 is here
Menhir winner of the FLIP's creators contest!
The limited edition of Menhir is here
Menhir is downloadable in version 1.0.0
Cromlech is open in beta version

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